If there's one thing that fans can expect from Brandon Flowers' new solo album The Desired Effect, it will be plenty of synthesizer. After releasing the keys-heavy tracks "Can't Deny My Love," "Still Want You" and "Lonely Town," today (May 1), the Killers frontman gave us the latest taste of his Flamingo follow-up, the Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy" sampling "I Can Change."

"I Can Change" takes the beat and a soaring falsetto notes from the '80s anthem, laying Flowers own pleading tenor over it all to make the song brand new, though it inherently sounds like a time capsule straight from the days of power suits, Transformers and neon sweaters.

Though the music may sound about 30 years old (though somehow modern, because pop is cyclical), Flowers' vocals help to make "I Can Change" stand out.

Over the synths and classic piano, Flowers cuts through it all with a dignified yet desperate tenor plea of "I can change for you / I can bend, I can break / I can shift, I can shake / Blaze a trail through the driving rain / Girl, I can change for you." Through in the Bronski Beat sample, and injects emotional gusto into this standout single.

Listen to the new Brandon Flowers track "I Can Change" below:

"I Can Change" is the latest track to be released from Flowers' latest solo album The Desired Effect, which is due for release on 18. The album has thus far been promoted by tracks "Can't Deny My Love," "Still Want You" and "Lonely Town."

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