When it comes to Kanye West, always expect the unexpected. The "All Day" rapper announced today that he was changing the title to his highly anticipated upcoming album, So Help Me God. According to a tweet sent out today, Yeezy is changing the name of the LP to SWISH. He did not offer an explanation for the name change, but it could be an acronym for a longer phrase.

In a follow up tweet, West leaves the door open for another possible name change at some point in the future. SWISH is probably religious in nature because the album art isn't likely to change. During Paris Fashion Week, Kanye got the artwork, which is a 13th century symbol for the Virgin Mary, tattooed on his arm. He may really love the symbol and was going to get the tattoo anyway, but it seems like a heavy investment to change it at this point.

Back in March, Kanye posted a bunch of b-roll nudes taken from a Kim Kardashian photo shoot with the caption "SWISH!!!!". Maybe Kanye is dedicating this album to his wife Kim.

Beyond the name change, Kanye has been mum on any additional details about the album, including any sort of timeline for a release. He is not a huge fan of major marketing pushes that span weeks or even months, as we have seen with the release of the singles from SWISH or whatever it is going to be called, which were surprises.