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Ciara, Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes and Jessica Simpson: Musicians Dating The NFL



The recently revealed relationship between "Goodies" vocalist Ciara and Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has been the hottest item on the celebrity relationship radar this week. It got us tabloid-consuming news-hounds at Music Times wondering what other music stars have dated NFL players in the past, and no, we're not counting Kim Kardashian-Miles Austin. That said, other big names including Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and Jessica Simpson have courted professional football talent.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and Andre Rison

Celebrity couples of all sorts have always been fascinating for tabloid fodder, and indeed one of the most captivating members of TLC was always in the camera's eye while she dated 5-time Pro Bowl wide receiving Andre Rison. The tension between the couple became national news when she burned down the couple's mansion in Atlanta after a fight. She later revealed that he had beaten her that night and she attempted to get revenge by burning his sneakers in the bathroom, but the fire spread and destroyed the home. It would later come out that Rison had allegedly abused Lopes both mentally and physically for years. Many have since attributed that abuse to the vocalist's own substance abuse. It's a story that's become more relevant and haunting since several NFL players have been arrested in recent years for abusing wives and girlfriends, opening the eyes of many to the dangers of domestic violence. Fortunately the rest of the examples citied in this list don't have such an unhappy ending.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo/Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson became one of the most prominent bachelorettes in the country after she split from Nick Lachey during 2005...after all, the couple's reality show made them one of the most popular pairings in the world. Therefore, when she began dating Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo during 2007, it was to be expected that pressure would follow. Cowboys fans unfairly blamed their quarterback's high profile girlfriend for his struggles on the field (versus, you know, his own flaky performance), and even celebrity Cowboys fan President George W, Bush joked that they should send Simpson to the Democratic National Convention to jinx the candidates. Another clever jab: Calling her "Yoko Romo" to reference Yoko Ono's "role" in breaking up The Beatles. Anyway, we feel bad for shining so much light on her relationship with Romo, as she would later marry retired tight end Eric Johnson, with who she now has two children. Happy ending!

Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete

Holly Robinson Peete might be better known as an actress versus a musician, but she didn't just star in 21 Jump Street: She also sang the theme song for the television series. That, and she deserves credit for being involved in one of the most successful relationships with a former NFL player. Rodney Peete—a runner-up in Heisman voting while at USC—was a familiar face on sidelines for more than 16 seasons in the NFL, not good enough to start in most cases but plenty able to hold down a backup spot, which led to him having a longer career than many. One thing that's lasted even longer than his NFL career: his marriage. He and then-Holly Robinson married during 1995 and are approaching their 20th anniversary this year. The pair have four children.

Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin

Jana Kramer has been involved with quite a few guys of varying career backgrounds, and for the moment she's settled down with an NFL player. Her first marriage last only a few months (it happened in Vegas at the age of 20) before it was broken off, and then she got married again to actor Johnathon Schaech during 2009 (that marriage lasted a mere month). The third round came when she got engaged to fellow country musician Brantley Gilbert during 2013 but they would end up splitting later that year. She ended up dating Washington Redskins tight end Michael Caussin during August last year and the pair got engaged months later during December. Man...hopefully she knows what she's doing this time.

Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker

Eric Decker has made a career out of being the other guy. He spent most of his career with the Denver Broncos, playing slot receiver next to Demaryius Thomas and later sharing the sideman duty with the well-established Wes Welker. He somewhat became the no. 1 receiver when he was traded to the New York Jets, but now the team has brought in Brandon Marshall. Therefore it makes sense that he wouldn't go for one of the biggest names in country music, opting to date and marry Jessie James. The again, it seems kind of odd that a couple that generally flies under the radar would opt into the show Eric & Jessie: Game On. The pair is now expecting their second child together.

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