April 20, 2019 / 11:19 AM

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Steve Aoki Sued For Allegedly Breaking Woman's Neck At Hard Rock Hotel San Diego



Steve Aoki may be envisioning an ideal "Neon Future," but it is his past that is coming back to haunt him. He is about to undergo surgery for nearly catastrophic vocal chord damage from years of overworking them, however there is something more serious coming on the horizon. Aoki is being sued over an alleged incident that occurred three years ago at one of his shows three years ago in San Diego at the Hard Rock Hotel. A young woman, Brittany Hickman is suing Aoki claiming that he broke her neck at the show.

What the suit alleges is that Aoki pulled one of his stunts where he jumps onto a raft, which is held up by the crowd. This occurs at almost every one of his shows without incident, however he climbed up to the top of the makeshift light rigging and jumped down from an elevated height onto the raft. Hickman claims that she was standing underneath and broke her neck as a result of the stunt. She did not know her neck was broken initially, but only after the pain continued did she go to the hospital and find out.

She has sued both Aoki and the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego and now the case is heading to trial.

There are compelling arguments to both sides of this case, but it will have to be decided by a court

Steve Aoki's camp released the following statement to ABC 10.

"This matter arises out of an incident which occurred at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, three years ago. In addition to Mr. Aoki, Ms. Hickman is also suing Hard Rock. Trial in this matter is scheduled for August 28, 2015 before Judge Pressman of the San Diego Superior Court. Because of the ongoing litigation and the pending trial date it would not be appropriate for us to respond to your inquiry at this time or permit an interview."

Below is another high jumping example from Aoki.

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