June 21, 2018 / 5:59 AM

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David Letterman's Last 'Late Show' Also Means Paul Shaffer's Disbanding the CBS Orchestra



When funny man Late Show host David Letterman called it quits, so, too, did his sidekick/bandleader Paul Shaffer disband the CBS Orchestra. While everyone else is paying attention to Letterman's retirement, it's easy to overlook another painful fact that Classicalites will soon have to get used to--the end for America's most pithy bandleader, Paul Shaffer.

Shaffer has worn many hats throughout his career, other than Letterman's funny(er) version of Andy Richter. Over the years, his credits and accomplishments include: being the bandleader for the original Saturday Night Live (SNL) group, composed or been a part of several hit songs ("It's Raining Men"), appeared or starred in several movies, music director for the annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions. Still, at the age of 65, you would think the music man would be ready to call it quits with showbusiness--especially after 33 years with Letterman and his current gig.

According to Times Free Press, though, had Paul Shaffer returned Jerry Seinfeld's call, we might know him as George Constanza today.

Shaffer isn't ready to leave showbusiness just yet. During an interview in his office behind the Ed Sullivan Theater, he admits, "of course, I had the old mixed feelings, sadness, etc. Now I have come around to just being absolutely thankful for such a wonderful run--such a long run working for a guy who has been nothing but encouraging to me."


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