June 21, 2018 / 2:45 AM

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LISTEN Backstreet Boys New Song 2013 'One Phone Call' from 'In A World Like This:' Is Song Follow Up to 'Black & Blue' Single 'The Call?' [REVIEW]



Backstreet Boys keep releasing new music from their upcoming new album 2013 In A World Like This ahead of its release date in little over a week. The "I Want It That Way" band debuted new song "One Phone Call" yesterday (July 21) via Buzzfeed.

This isn't BSB's first phone-related track; fans will clearly remember their 2001 hit "The Call." While that song was about adultery and having to call a significant other to tell them you won't be home (and not tell them that there is someone else), "One Phone Call" takes the exact opposite approach.

Co-written by member Howie Dorough and producer Morgan Reid, "One Phone Call" uses prison analogies to emphasize how their girl will always be their one and only, despite their wrongdoing. The Backstreet Boys plead for forgiveness for whatever they've done to upset their loved one, emphasizing that they're only out to love her and her alone.

Perhaps this is the long-awaited follow-up to the salacious "The Call?" The aftermath, perhaps, of cheating and knowing that you've royally messed up? Likely the songs are totally unrelated, but it's fun to pretend.

Musically, "One Phone Call" is a solid pop-rock love ballad. Though it doesn't pack quite the punch as their earliest works of the same vein, it's much more heartfelt and thematically interesting than 2009's "Straight Through The Heart." For a post-dominance boy band track, "One Phone Call" is more than a solid effort.

Listen to "One Phone Call" below.

The pieces to Backstreet Boy's new comeback album In A World Like This are slowly coming together. After releasing studio versions of the title track, "Madeleine" and "Love Somebody," the new album is shaping up to be a tour de force of mature, adult pop music, perfect for the growing BSB fan.

In A World Like This will be released on July 30.

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