June 19, 2018 / 11:59 AM

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Is Kate Gosselin's New Man a Deadbeat Dad Just Like Her Ex, Jon Gosselin?



Long before the Duggars or Honey Boo Boo raised issues for TLC, they had their hands full with Kate Gosselin. She remains a lightning rod for controversy, often because her now-ex-husband, Jon Gosselin likes to vilify her to the press every chance that he gets. She has been accused of being an abusive and unfit mother (claims that never held up in court) and for the longest time Gosselin didn't even bother wasting her time trying to find a new man. In the last six months she has been seeing millionaire Jeff Prescott and now he's the one that is grabbing some negative publicity. Could Gosselin be dating a deadbeat dad?

According to an exclusive report by Radar Online, "the Dreamstime co-founder's ex-wife Michelle Jones accused the 51 year-old of neglecting their three children during the couple's nasty 2006 divorce. In Massachusetts court documents obtained by Radar, the homemaker claimed her husband of nearly 20 years has had "infrequent" visits with Ashley, Brooke, and Connor, who were then 19, 14 and 10 respectively. She also alleged the CEO would frequently skip town "on business and pleasure," without giving his estranged wife or their children, one of whom is disabled, any notice," claims an insider.

While these accusations against Prescott were made more than a decade ago, they kind of mirror much of what Gosselin has said about her ex-husband. She has painted Jon as a deadbeat dad that selfishly puts himself ahead of his kids. Do you think that she's dating a man just like her ex, but with loaded pockets? Or is this recent uncovering not really an accurate description of Prescott or his actual behavior as a father?

So far her romance with Prescott seems to be going pretty smoothly, perhaps because Gosselin has worked hard to keep it away from the press. Do you think that she and her new man are the real deal? Or is Gosselin just using him and his money as a cushion? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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