Ask and ye shall receive, at least as long as you're a loyal fan of Hilary Duff's. After her new music video for "Sparks" received some backlash for basically being a long ad for Tinder, today (May 28), the former Lizzie McGuire star released an app-less version of the music video, dubbed as the "fan demanded version."

The original version of "Sparks" ran for nearly four minutes with interludes of Duff and her girlfriends swiping right and left for dudes on the millennial dating app. In between footage of her browsing Tinder and going on IRL dates with some of her matches, Duff can be seen in neon rooms, dancing with a few girls and mugging sexy for the camera.

Upon the release of the music video, fans complained that "Sparks" felt less like a Duff product and more like an extended commercial for Tinder, with conversations and dates cutting above the music throughout a lot of the video.

Duff and her camp listened to the fans and have now released a Tinder-less, voiceover-less version of "Sparks."

The dance shots of "Sparks" remain the same, with Duff rocking her light blue hair with some '80s-inspired clothing. She breaks it down in neon pink and blue boxes, with some booty bounces and pinwheel arms.

And it's so much better than a Tinder ad.

Watch the new "fan demanded version" of Hilary Duff's "Sparks" below:

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