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Darlene Zschech Cancer Update



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On December 11, 2013, Darlene Zschech went in for what was supposed to be just a check-up and routine mammogram. A diagnosis of breast cancer changed her life. By Christmas, she had undergone surgery and was home but the journey was only beginning. Today, Zschech updated fans with her progress thus far on her website.

She is coming to the end of round one of chemo and has five more on the horizon. She says that all she can say of the experience so far is, "Grace, grace and more grace." As is usually the case, she has lost her hair and she calls the loss "very confronting" because it makes her look much sicker than she feels. Her family is working to keep her spirits up, with husband Mark pointing out how much money they'll save on hairdressers and her daughters have named her wig "Betty." She shares, "Amy says that if Beyoncé can have Sasha Fierce, then I can have Betty!"

Other common chemo side effects like anemia, appetite changes, bleeding problems, constipation, diarrhea, nerve changes, pain, sexual and fertility changes, swelling and urination changes are either something Darlene hasn't experienced or she's not sharing.

Regardless of which side effects Darlene is facing or will face, and it feeling like an emotional roller coaster for her and her family, she is holding firm to her faith. She shares, "I can say that through it all, I am assured of God’s love for me. Truly this has been one of the sweetest parts of the journey."

As the Bible tells us in Genesis, what the devil intends for evil, God intends for good and the good that is coming from this is music. Zschech shares, "Writing is my great comfort during this season. I have songs and thoughts that I will share with when I am on the other side of this mountain. In fact, we are already planning a Thanksgiving service at our church in November, where we will record songs birthed during this season. We simply want to fill the place with praise for all that God has done. My other hobby, during this season, is art and design – homes/rooms, etc. I have a feeling as I redesign our home that this season could become super expensive! Ha… All good!"

Please join the MusicTimes family as we continue to pray for Darlene Zschech and her family during this season of trial.

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