The world of Equestria in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has always been filled with music. From the inescapable theme song to bops like "Winter Wrap Up" and "Love Is in Bloom," Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and friends have always been all about breaking out in song.

It didn't take long for My Little Pony to break out of its targeted 9- to 13-year-old girl demo to the world of Bronies. For the uninitiated, bronies are adult (largely) male My Little Pony fans who latched onto the world of Equestria thanks to the show's keen storytelling, sharp writing, stylized animation and ever-present winks at pop culture. With the brony culture, unofficial fan-created EDM remixes of Daniel Ingram's already catchy songs have been bumping from convention halls to earbuds all across the world. Finally, Hasbro Studios is getting in on the action with the release of DJPON3 Presents My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Remixed.

Though the album may be presented by Ponyville's favorite musician, DJ Pon-3, the real man behind the album is producer Justin Lassen, who spoke with Music Times exclusively about the two-year long process of curating and producing this album.

"This record was extremely challenging to produce. It was like a two year process for me in working with the different artists," Lassen said, before diving into the perculiars of making cartoon music ready for the club. "It's like musical theater so a lot of the songs changed tempos a lot, a lot of the songs didn't quite line up with editing software so there was a lot of mixing and tweaking and changing and even different auto tuning and things like that.

"I wanted them to be like would little girls like it and would grown-ups like it? I found a really good compromise between those two and when you hear these tracks, you'll know like oh my god a real DJ at a club would actually play that song even though it's a silly song."

The album itself ends up bringing together the world of childhood and adult music, bringing in everything from trance remixes to dubstep to wonky house music. "I wanted to make sure that I had a mix of tracks that were not just one dubstep track after another, that's just like oh great another dubstep album. But like no, what are the different angles that we can hit EDM in a really cool fun way. I hit everything from drums bass to breakbeat to dubstep, ambient, chill I mean all kinds of stuff," Lassen said.

The blend of styles comes across, offering up a little something for fans of My Little Pony of every age group.

And now Music Times has a little something for fans of the show and EDM: a look at the music to come. Ahead of DJPON3 Presents My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Remixed's June 23 release date, we have an album preview featuring snippets of all 13 tracks and the complete tracklist.

DJPON3 Presents My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Remixed Tracklist:

01. Smile Song (Buddygirrl Remix)
02. Love Is In Bloom (Angel Bunny Remix)
03. Bab's Seed (Hollidayrain Remix)
04. Every Pony (Daisy O'Dell Remix)
05. Winter Wrap Up (Feint Remix)
06. Welcome Song (Faust & Shortee Remix)
07. Cutie Mark Crusaders (Heavygrinder Remix)
08. Raise This Barn (I Am Orange Remix)
09. This Day Aria (Acid Paradox Remix)
10. Every Pony (Rubicon 7 Remix)
11. Love Is In Bloom (Hollidayrain Remix)
12. Friendship is Magic (Justin Lassen Remix)
13. Fluttershy's Song (Arkasia Remix)