April 21, 2019 / 1:09 AM

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Varien Unveils Album 'The Ancient & Arcane,' "Supercell" Video



Nick Pittsinger, known to many within the music space by his producer, DJ name Varien, is prepping a brand new album The Ancient & Arcane out in just over two weeks. The composer, instrumentalist, producer and DJ has already garnered a strong following with his conceptual electronic music that combines elements of classical and various sub-genres of electronic music with deft musicianship.

Details have been slowly emerging about the LP, which was created in a burst of creativity over a 10-day period, recently. Now fans have the chance to pre-order the album now on Bandcamp and Google Play via his label home Monstercat. The iTunes pre-order is coming shortly before it is released on Aug. 5. 

We had the chance to ask Varien about his influences arranging music for the album and it all comes back to his childhood and video games.

"Well, my love for video games exposed me to all genres at a super early age; the scoring in video games is actually a huge reason I got into music. As I learned theory, I realized that the only major difference between genres was instrumentation and arrangement, and that melodies can be carried to any genre and still work," explains Pittsinger. "So keeping that in mind, you have to look at this album as essentially an amalgamation of all of my influences, with none being more important than the other."

In addition to the album pre-order, Varien has released the music video the third track from the album "Supercell," featuring the vocals of Canadian artist Veela. Watch the video that blends real life and the programming world below to see a little bit of Varien's acting talents.

Varien is more than an electronic music producer. He has also worked on scores for video games and films like Furious 7 and his music has been featured in shows like Bones, The Walking Dead and others.

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