June 25, 2018 / 2:11 AM

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Hardwell, Dannic Share Tropical 'Survivors' Music Video



Hardwell and Dannic have released the music video for their new single together with Dutch singer Haris. The single was released on July 20 after being premiered for the first time at Tomorrowland Brazil, which holds a special place in the music video.

The video heads deep into the Ecuadorian Amazon rain forest to find a group of indigenous people who have "never had contact" with the outside world. A plane flies over the Amazonian people and drops down an iPod Nano apparently loaded with "Survivors." The girl picks it up, hits play and is shocked to hear some sort of music come out of the ear buds attached to the device.

She passes it along to other individuals for inspection or identification and nobody understands it. The song is so puzzling and great that the woman leaves her people behind, wandering through the rain forest past people [illegally] logging and a messy-looking oil-drilling operation, before getting into a shabby-looking town. She forges on through more roads and towns, literally and figuratively leaving her past behind, shedding the red facepaint and flower crown.

She end up in the big city and steals some girl's clothes that happen to fit perfectly. The quest continues with creepy guys and who take her to dance clubs to hear the song in action, before she somehow miraculously ends up at Tomorrowland Brasil where Hardwell and Dannic premiered the track.

The video was shot in Ecuador, directed by Jelle Posthuma and produced by Corrino Media Group.

"Survivors" is the follow up to Hardwell and Dannic's 2012 single "Kontiki" that was also revealed on the United We Are DJ's record label Revealed Recordings. Purchase "Survivors" on iTunes here

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