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Omelly Raps On Drake's 'Back 2 Back' and Disses AR-Ab for Meek Mill, 50 Cent Responds


A photo posted by OSAMA TWIN LAMMAS (@omelly) on Mar 21, 2015 at 11:39am PDT

Two days after AR-Ab fired a violent diss track at Meek Mill, using Drake's "Back to Back" as the template, Omelly, Meek's cousin and right hand man, has responded on behalf of the Dreamchasers, with his own take on "Back 2 Back." Now three Philidelphia rappers are in on the beef.

On the original "Back to Back," Drake mentioned Philly rapper AR-Ab, who was delighted by such a high-profile namedrop. AR-Ab later spoke tepidly of Meek's eventual response track, "Wanna Know," but he wasn't interested in beefing until he caught footage of a recent Pinkprint Tour show, where Mill called him out for betraying Philly and "d*ckriding" Drake.

AR-Ab responded by dropping a Mill diss record over Drake's "Back to Back," and, now, Omelly has come at AR-Ab by with a "Back 2 Back" of his own.

It's understandable AR-Ab would go in over "Back to Back," but Omelly's choice of instrumental seems odd, considering the original was aimed at his Dreamchasers boss and was considerably more well-received than the one diss Meek has released thus far.

In any case, Omelly's track is aimed at AR-Ab not Drake. The record begins with a sound clip of AR-Ab speaking highly about Mill, saying his "buzz" went way up after Mill gave him a shout out. "Why should I jump out the window and go at Meek Mill," AR-Ab asks in the recording.

As with AR-Ab's track, Omelly's stance is that violent action speaks louder than words -- though neither rapper holds anything back on his respective "Back 2 Back." The threat level of Omelly's diss matches that of AR-Ab, but he decides to relay some (supposedly) true-to-life past incidents to expose his opponent's weaknesses -- including "that night I saved your life":

"You was scramblin' in the club you ain't have your pipe / Had two on me / Thought you was tough, you ain't know what to do homie / He think he an animal 'til the zoo on him," he raps.

Omelly goes on to claim that AR-Ab paid him for a verse that he hasn't given him yet. Now they're definitely not getting on a track together, but it doesn't seem Omelly is planning to give back any money:

"The man paid me for a verse he ain't get it yet / That's gangsta, n*gga, that's gangsta / Y'all doing all that d*ckriding, you ain't get a check," he raps.

The above lines are alluded to on the track's cover art, which shows a text conversation in which AR-Ab asks Omelly if he wants to collaborate.

After hearing Omelly's "Back 2 Back," AR-Ab saw the track as proof that Meek was too scared to respond himself. AR-Ab also quickly did another interview with DJ Vlad -- the first of which, presumably, prompted Meek to call him out in the first place. Speaking with Vlad again, he called Omelly "the softest one in Dreamchasers," but implied that he wasn't going to give him a response track because he's a "worker." He suggests his crewmember Dark Lo would be more suited to battle Omelly.

He also speaks on the night Omelly supposedly saved his life. AR-Ab says Omelly did give him a gun and also drove him and his crew to go face-off with another group whom with there had been tensions earlier in the night; it all took place 5 or 6 years ago after a club night thrown for Rick Ross, claims AR-Ab. He also said Omelly was terrified throughout the whole incident: "He acting like 'cause he passed me something off he saved my life. You was crying, n*gga. You was b*tching."

Omelly does seem to be fighting the battle on Mill's behalf, as he told his boss to "sit back keep stacking" on Instagram, though that's likely because he doesn't think of AR-Ab as a worthy opponent for Mill. Meanwhile, Mill posted the diss on his Instagram, and all he had to say was, "only facts!"

@omelly only facts! A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on Aug 9, 2015 at 10:51pm PDT

50 Cent, who commented after AR-Ab's "Back 2 Back," and who's been making jokes about the Drake vs. Meek beef since it began, also chimed in following Omelly's latest. He praised his efforts -- "Omelly freestyle really snapping" -- but also said, "Somethings wrong with me" -- for being so entertained by the violent back and forth. He soon added that he thinks AR-Ab "is gonna get a deal" and that "Things are gonna really heat up in Philly." The Power star has since deleted all Instagram posts that touch on the inter-Philly beef, though he hasn't yet deleted the below snippets of what he said, which remain on his Twitter.

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