June 26, 2019 / 2:58 PM

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Jerry Heller, Former Manager of N.W.A. Says He Regrets Not Letting Eazy-E Kill Suge Knight



The release of the biopic film, Straight Outta Compton, documenting the rise and fall of hip hop super group N.W.A., definitely shed a lot of light into what was happening behind the scenes with the Gangster rap group. During an interview with the group's former manager, Jerry Heller, he said that one of the biggest regrets he had with while managing the group was talking the frontman, Eazy E, a.k.a. Erin Wright, out of killing Suge Knight. He highlighted Knight as a major source of contention for the group, as his relationship with Dr. Dre caused dissension with him and Eazy-E which ultimately led to the dissolution of the group in its entirety.

Back in 2013, Murder Master Music Show did an interview with Heller when the music manager was promoting his book, Ruthless, which detailed his tenure at Ruthless Records serving as Wright's manager as well as a key advisor.

In the interview, Heller talked about two major mistakes he felt he made while managing the group. One of the mistakes he detailed was allowing Dr. Dre to leave the label. The second one was talking Wright out of killing Knight after he and his goons jumped the late rapper and made him release Dre out of his contract by force.

Heller says that before Knight stepped into the picture, Eazy-E and Dre were so close that he would have never imagined a former bodyguard from Ruthless would be able to drive a wedge between the two and ultimately cause the group to dismantle.

According to sources, the group ultimately broke up due bad contracts and not being properly paid royalties owed to the them.

Cube left N.W.A. after their first project due to not being paid for writing a great deal of the material for the group's album which caused a a rift between the former group mates for years. It was so bad that both parties recorded diss tracks.

In addition, the film had caught quite a bit of flack for not highlighting some of the things that took place during the group's reign -- such as Dre's known domestic abuse issues with Dee Barnes and others.

Since then, Dre has publicly come forward, apologizing to all the women he hurt in past, explaining that he is 100% not the same man he was 25 years go.

Listen to the clip where Heller discusses his regrets while managing the group

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