May 22, 2018 / 6:07 AM

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Cape Lion Release New EP 'Corinth,' Talk Inspirations



Swedish electronic pop dup Cape Lion have released their new EP Corinth. The 6-track project brings together a couple previously released singles including "Jennie" and "Called You Mine," which got some traction on blogs and overseas.

The EP finds an even middle ground for Carl-Johan "Oa" Sevedag and Martin Wiklund who spent time producing and releasing pop and hip-hop on their own. Now they are headed for a summer-friendly electro-pop sound with Corinth that combines airy vocals with cheery synths and four-on-the-floor beats.

You can stream the EP below on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes.

We had a chance to briefly chat with them about the EP and what the future holds for the two Stockholm-based artists.

1. Where did you get the inspiration in writing this EP?

The songs are inspired by things we all go through in life; love, the lack of it and friendship. Most of the songs are written during different times of the year which is kind of reflected in the songwriting. The winters here in Sweden are long, dark and terrible, hence songs like 'She's Moving On' and 'Mainland'.

2. How does your collaboration work? Who sings? Is one person better at beats, melodies etc?

We both sing. Oa is the lead and can be heard most of the time, while Martin does all of the backing vocals, harmonies etc. Since we're both producers, and have a lot of respect for one another, during production and songwriting we are doing the same amount of work. Basically we take turns behind the computer, the microphone and various instruments. This is why we think that Cape Lion works so well as a creative output for us.

3. There has been a lot of talk about the role of majors in artist development. How has being signed to Sony impacted your career so far?

Being signed to a major label has its' benefits. It is a whole lot easier to jump on cool projects with other artists like writing, producing and remixing internally.

It also takes a lot of weight off your shoulders and lets you focus on the real job - making songs. However, being signed doesn't always automatically open doors to fame and fortune - you still have work hard and take advantage of the competence that the majors can bring to the table.

4. What do you guys have coming up? Any plans to tour?

We're still recovering from the release party, haha. The plan now is to do lots of live shows and, as always, keep writing songs for the album, do remixes and so on. No tour booked yet but we're looking into it this autumn! There's nothing better than to finally take your music out of the studio and perform it live on a stage.

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