Queen and Adam Lambert's collaborations may be best known for the classic rock hits, but at a recent gig in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the legendary band and its American Idol alumnus frontman took on the new The Original High single "Ghost Town." Of course, there was a big twist on the dance music single.

The rocking rendition opened with a stripped-down intro as Lambert's soft vocals ran over Brian May's light guitar strumming and Roger Taylor's dainty drumming. Where the original song delves into a powerful house trench, May launches into electrifying riff after riff, changing the arrangement and overall sound of the song. Although the song took quite a turn from its regular "Ghost Town" album and radio edit, the fresh arrangement seemed to come natural and proved as a fitting rock anthem as well as a house headbanger.

After touring through Europe earlier in the year, Lambert and Queen's San Paulo stop launched their South American tour which will see two more Brazilian dates and a handful of stops in both Chile and Argentina. The pairing embarked on their first joint tour last summer, just five years after their first stage venture on Idol.

"Brian and I get along really well and trust each other," Lambert told Rolling Stone of his relationship with the Queen guitarist. "I said, 'Look, I have this song we've worked up, and it has a hip-hop beat on it but it's still a rock song, and I think you would kill it.' It's sort of a 'Dirty Diana' type of record, and he killed it. He came in and had a great riff that he added to it. And of course, there's no feature with Brian May without one of his killer solos."

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