Is a Diplo and The Weeknd collaboration set to drop at Coachella 2016? The producer and frontman of trio Major Lazer hinted at it in an interview with 103.3 AMP which took place in Boston with radio host Vanessa Hale. Coachella will begin in mid-April of 2016 and if this collaboration were to be featured it will likely be a highly anticipated event.

"We've got a little more gas in Major Lazer," Diplo said to Hale during the interview, "We've got another single coming out. We're reissuing that album. Then, we have a new album we're going to put out next year around August or September and a single around Coachella with The Weekend, so that's going to be dope."

Diplo is just now coming off of a wildly successful summer with Major Lazer's release "Lean On." He also talked about Major Lazer's single "Powerful," which features Ellie Goulding in an interview that will keep fans guessing.

In addition to "Lean On" Diplo collaborated with Justin Bieber and Skrillex on "Where Are U Now" which went on to become one of the biggest songs of the summer. The collaborative effort between the three created a definite link between pop, EDM and just the right amount of hip-hop. Reportedly the three concocted the idea together in a club during New York Fashion Week when Skrillex and Diplo pitched the idea to the young singer. Justin provided both the vocals and the piano and the two producers went right to work.

"Where R U Now," which was released on Skrillex and Diplo's Jack U album and had an enormous effect on Bieber's career, crossing him over to a more adult audience that he had been unable to reach before due to his throngs of Beliebers. The song is also set to appear on his Nov. 13 album Purpose.

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