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Miike Snow "Heart Is Full" Video Shared Ahead Of New Album 'iii'



Miike Snow have unveiled the music video for their new single "Heart Is Full" taken from the Swedish indie-pop group's upcoming album iii.

The video is an interesting take on the idea of a full heart, following a murderous woman and her fight with a biker crew. The video starts with a woman in a blue wig chasing after a guy who looks kind of like Neymar, once she gets close enough, she throws this special metal snake that hones in on his heart and blows it right out of his chest leaving a gaping hole where it once was.

From there, the woman takes his bike and drives over to a phone of sorts and calls up then other members of the fallen guy's crew and shows them his flag which she took.

A battle ensues a short while later where three more guys are quickly dispatched by this nefarious, heart-eating, snake-like device. Things get interesting when the woman leader of the other crew throws out the chain of her own and those do battle, while the women do battle, which culminates in a very dramatic and somewhat gruesome 20 seconds where the once-wigged, now nearly bald woman chokes her adversary to death.

"Heart Is Full" is the first single to emerge from Miike Snow's upcoming album iii, which is finished according to Christian Karlsson and will be released early next year. The change in style irked some fans, but in a Facebook Q&A in the video comments, lead singer Andrew Wyatt clarified that this song was quite different sonically from the rest of the album. Watch the Lance Drake-directed video below.

Heart is Full (Official Video Premiere)

Watch the premiere of our new video for “Heart Is Full” directed by Lance Drake! Come back here at 11am EST for a Q&A with Andrew Wyatt below in the comments section. Leave your questions now.

Posted by Miike Snow on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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