June 21, 2018 / 6:12 AM

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Silkk The Shocker Responds to Travi$ Scott Diss and Worst Rapper List Placement



Travi$ Scott made an unlikely shout out on his recent song "I Can Tell" from his debut album Rodeo. On the song, Scott raps, "Five-o-four hot boys, minus the bad rap like Silkk the Shocker / But I'mma pull up the silk, to shock her with the silk." This is far from the first reference to Silkk's lack of lyrical capabilities. Scott is one of many to discount Silkk's skills. In fact, the former No Limit rapper has been placed on various "worst rapper of all time" lists for quite awhile. This is nothing new to Silkk, who feels his offbeat nature alienated him from many rap fans in the past. However, it appears that New Orleans rapper is taking the criticism in stride.

Regarding Scott's verse, Silkk said, "First of all, I think it's good that he even would know that. But me I'm not into-Like if I was taking it back to my city days or whatever, it would probably be an issue. But I can have an opinion about him too. Whatever. We'll leave it at that. But as far as him saying it, he's entitled to his opinion. He has to sell records like we sell, so let's just leave it like-Let's see. I think I'm good. He good. Then we good. So, I don't have an opinion either way. I think he has the right to say what he wanna say. It's fun. It's all fun and games. He ain't disrespect me...I like him as an artist."

Silkk also responds to his status as one of the worst rappers ever, arguing that he has sold a lot more records than other rappers, and was trying to remain unique and offbeat. Silkk said that he doesn't understand why rappers feel the need to insult one another instead of simply embracing their disparate styles.

He told Vlad TV, "I think I was offbeat. I think what's funny is nowadays they want me to be offbeat again...I think I had my own style, which I don't think was right or wrong...At the time I didn't really care about it. I was just doing my thing. Doing my best, but when I go back and listen to it I'm like 'Those are pretty good songs.' I had my own lane, once again. So, I could never call another rapper 'horrible' cause we all have our own style...The worst rapper stuff, I don't know what makes that. I do see that, but I'm confused on who gave them a chart that says-Look, I sold a lot of records. I sold more records than a lot of rappers."

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