Oakland, California rapper G-Eazy has unveiled a new single titled "Sad Boy" from his upcoming album When It's Dark Out. People have accused him of not appearing happy enough about his fame and he addresses that his outward appearance comes from an inner malaise.

G-Eazy tackles the trappings of his quick rise to fame, "in a year I went from overlooked to overbooked." Though being a rap star was what he wanted, one can never anticipate how crazy life gets once you become an international tour act with a huge fan base and pressure to deliver every single day.

The hook takes sheds light on the questions he must get all of the, repeating the phrase "Gerald what you so sad for."

"Gerald what you so sad for? / Why the hell you got the blues? / Everybody wanna be in your shoes / Gerald what you so sad for? / Everything ain't that bad / Name a reason that you got to be mad / Gerald what you so sad for? / Man stop acting like a b*tch / Forgot you're all famous now and rich / Gerald what you so sad for? / This is everything you asked for," he laments in the hook.

The production helps set the mood to this honest and vulnerable cut from G-Eazy with its soft opening piano and subtle percussion.

This is the sixth single unveiled from the album, following other tracks like "Drifting" with Chris Brown and Torey Lanez, "Random" and "Me, Myself & I" with Bebe Rexha.

When It's Dark Out will be released next Friday, Dec. 4. Stream "Sad Boy" below and pre-order the album on iTunes to get the new single as an instant grat download. The album features the likes of Big Sean, E-40, Too $hort, Kehlani and others.

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