June 23, 2018 / 2:07 PM

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Rodrigo Starz, Chicago Rappers Demand Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Resignation



Rahm Emanuel's tenure as mayor of Chicago has been mired in controversy and criticism. Now, after the death of Laquan McDonald, and the exposure of a possible cover up in the highest ranks of the Chicago government, Emanuel's administration is receiving more criticism than ever. In an effort to quell anger over the handling of police misconduct, Emanuel fired the police superintendent Garry McCarthy. However, this action was not seen as sufficient, and many have called for the mayor's resignation. Among those voices critical of Emanuel's administration is rapper Rodrigo Starz of the rap group Rebel Diaz.

The rapper penned a song entitled "#Crook" describes the conditions of the communities most affected by police brutality in Chicago. Further, the song takes direct aim at Emanuel's leadership and accountability, particularly regarding Chicago's police force. According to AllHipHop, Chicago's police force has the highest death rate in America. The article also says that civil leaders have been threatened behind closed doors by Emanuel, who went on to present a different face to the public.

The song begins, "A crook mayor with an attitude named Rahm / Who needs to resign now so I'm bout to drop this bomb / It don't take 400 days to see these murderous ways / That's what it takes to cover up what really happened that day." Starz continues, "Cuz 75% of the people shot by police in Chicago are Black / 300 shootings in a year, these cops are kinda evil / Rahm Emanuel doesn't care about brown or black people / That's some real Nazi white supremacy way of living / he took 11 shots took a pause then 5 more to really kill him / Are you serious? Call Garry McCarthy / Tell him that he's Fired! If not We burnin tires! If not we startin Fires I AM Rekia Boyd! The State Of Racism in Chicago Illinois..."

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