Nikki Sixx is just the latest artist to comment on the drug-related death of Scott Weiland, frontman of Velvet Revolver and former singer of the Stone Temple Pilots. On an episode of his Sixx Sense radio show, he talks drug addiction and Weiland's death. Sixx struggled with addiction for years and cites his children as the reason that he got sober. While Sixx admits that the two weren't friends on the episode, he could relate to some of the demons that Weiland struggled with.

"Scott had two children, was on the road - I don't know his state of drug use or not - but the part that just rips my heart out is that those kids... who called them?" Sixx said on air. "Did the bus driver call them? Does the road manager call the mom and the mom sits them down? Forget the videos for a second and those songs you heard on the radio. It rips my heart out."

In a chilling twist, Sixx also revealed that he rode on the same bus Weiland died on during the October portion of Motley Crue's final tour, even sleeping in the same bedroom where he passed away.

"This is a little bit dark," Sixx said on the matter "But Scott took my bus and was sleeping in the same bed that I was sleeping in. And, you know, he was found dead on the bus. And I was just, like, 'God...' It's like so crazy to think how close we all are."

Sixx is the second major rock figure to speak out about Weiland's death this week, as former Blink-182 frontman Travis Barker also shared thoughts on how the death resonated. In Barker's case, it took something as extreme as a plane crash to get him sober, and like Sixx, he also cited that his kids were a big inspiration for him.

The plane crash that changed Barker's life occurred in 2008, also involving his friend DJ AM. Out of the six on the plane, only Barker and AM survived, although the DJ died from a drug overdose not even a year afterwards. Barker suffered vicious burns on over 65 percent of his body.