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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 2 Recap: Cardi B's Debut, Peter Gunz Gets Slapped & More



Jesus take the wheel! If you thought last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York ended with a bang, then episode two will likely blow your mind. On Monday (Dec. 21), viewers were able to meet two of the newest season six cast members, including Cardi B making her series debut. Check out a recap of the series' latest episode, properly titled "Secrets and Lies," featuring Peter Gunz getting slapped, an extremely friendly DJ, and more.

Many fans were disappointed a certain stripper was no where to be seen in the premiere episode, so it was only right for her to kick off the following episode. The "regular degular shmegular girl from the Bronx" revealed she's been trying to start a music career with DJ Self's help and they've been having a little fun together while her boo finishes his bid behind bars. Despite keeping it honest with DJ Self about their relationship, Cardi B suspects he's hiding something from her.

Next up, Rah Ali meets with BBOD members Sexxy Lexxy and Miss Moe Money to discuss the crazy argument that broke out during DJ Self's Gwinin Fest. Shade was instantly thrown in Moe's direction as soon as she walked through the door. Rah addressed the altercation and tried to explain to Moe why she doesn't want to manage any artist who carries themselves in public the way she did. Moe didn't take the news well and the two engaged in a yelling match.

After Rah called Moe the "weakest link," she decided she didn't want to be managed by her and walks away from the table. Lexxy tried to relieve the tension in the room by calmly talking to Rah about keeping Moe around. Thinking Lexxy betrayed her by staying at the table, Moe then started another argument. Ultimately, BBOD walked away together and Rah was left shaking her head.

Fans are later introduced to a very important woman in Rich Dollaz's life, and no, it's not what you think. Rich's 16-year-old daughter Ashley is staying with him in New York for a couple of weeks, so the two broke down a few rules they want the other person to abide by while they're living together. Ashley admits she's not a virgin and her father doesn't really know how to handle it. Rich then advises her to be careful, warning Ashley to stay away from men like him.

Rah links up with Remy Ma for a fun shopping trip, but the only problem is she was supposed to meet with Remy over two hours ago. Despite being a little heated with her, Remy couldn't help but get excited to tell Rah about her upcoming wedding plans. The "Whatever" rapper asked Rah to help plan her big day and Rah anxiously accepted the offer.

Drama continues to boil between the infamous love triangle that is Amina Buddafly, Tara Wallace, and Peter Gunz. Amina tracked down Tara while she was working out to question her about her estranged husband Peter. Amina admitted she doesn't trust Peter and wonders if he's been spending his free time with Tara. Tara shut down her allegations and questioned why Amina is asking her these questions instead of asking her husband. Tara asked Amina, "why are you still messing with a man who's in love with another woman?" Amina responded, "because I don't give up, that's why."

BBOD weren't the only ones served a reality check about the explosive argument. Yandy Smith met with Bianca Bonnie (formerly known as Young B) to voice her hesitations about managing her career. Despite being pleased with her performance at the cypher, Yandy believed they should spend more time together to get a better understanding of each other before any papers are signed. Bianca is hungry and eager to see her name back on the top of the charts.

It seems all the men starring in this season are familiar with playing the field. DJ Self is seen video chatting with Cardi B, but cuts it short, telling her his boy is calling him. The show footage determined that was a lie, because in walked his girlfriend of almost a year, Yorma. Yorma found a female's ring in his bathroom and asked who's been staying in his house. DJ Self relentlessly denied bringing any woman back to his house. Yorma began to cry, yelled at him in Spanish, and ultimately left his home.

Remy visited Papoose in the studio to update him on their wedding plans, filling him in on her plan to have Rah assist in the ceremony. Papoose believes Remy shouldn't play Rah too close, especially because she wasn't around when she went to jail. The couple changed the subject to talk about problems in their home. They decide to take their children out to eat to discuss issues of attitudes and fighting.

After hearing his daughter is sexually active, Rich decided to tell her mother Miracle. Before he can tell her, Miracle revealed her interest in embarking on a two-year mission trip out of the country. Rich agreed to have Ashley stay with him while her mom's away. He then breaks the news to her about Ashely's non-existent virginity. The news makes Miracle uneasy and she contemplates leaving her daughter behind.

Remy's son Jace and Papoose's 18-year-old daughter Dj join them for a family meal. The parents advised Dj to control her temper and to stop fighting. Remy then warned Jace about his attitude problem. Remy fears if Dj continues on the path she's on, she'll end up in jail, the hospital, or in a casket. To end the conversation on a light note, Papoose mentioned their wedding plans. Remy wants her son to walk her down the aisle and Dj to be a bridesmaid. Both of the children happily agree.

In the final scenes, Tara invited Peter and Amina over to finally settle the questions that have been left unanswered. Before Amina arrived, Tara told Peter Amina ran up on her while she was exercising. Tara voiced her frustration and confusion about Amina constantly asking her questions about Peter. Peter told Tara he is not with Amina anymore.

Tara told Amina that Peter has been saying they are not together. Amina asked him if they were together and he replied, "yes, but it doesn't feel like we're together." Peter admitted to cheating on Amina with Tara and asking Tara to come home. While Tara and Peter argued, Amina realized a woman wouldn't have a long argument with an ex unless feelings were still involved. Amina began to yell at Tara, but Tara hit her with a crazy announcement. She admitted to having sex with Peter, stating she'll "f*** him when she wants to."

Amina then directed her anger to Peter, accusing him of calling her a "mistake." Her built up anger resulted in the slap heard around the world. Amina slapped Peter, threw a phone at him, and stormed out of the apartment. Before making her dramatic exit, Amina announced she's pregnant again.

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Tune in next week for another recap of the show and more drama. 

Check out the full episode below:

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