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Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously "Bad Tippers" (Like Tiger Woods)



As a big name celebrity, money is, usually, the center of attention for both the celebrity and the public. Fans are constantly looking to social media or news articles to see how celebrities are spending their mega-millions. Some like to flaunt it and show it off, while others keep their money off the public's radar, but when it comes to partying, dining out, paying the bill and tipping, there are a select few celebritites who are notorious for spending a lot, and tipping very little -- thus, we have our Top 10 Celebrity List of "Bad Tippers."

The list was created when, recently, the news broke of Justin Bieber partying at a Nightclub in Atlanta and being comped $1,600 in booze. It was reported by AJC.com that Bieber was given a bottle of Don Julio 1942, a bottle of Grey Goose, a bottle of Jack Daniels and some beer, all for free. Upon leaving the club, Bieber allegedly tipped the two waitresses $200 each ($400 total), which is 12.5% gratuity for each waitress. As an industry standard, tax & gratuity usually comes out to be around 40%, but since no taxes were involved here (the booze was comped) Bieber took the low end of the standard and tipped a mere 25%, which leads us to the Top 10, worst Celebrity Tipper List.

No.10 - Justin Bieber

Through the example above, it's clear that despite Bieber's deep pockets and other people's generosity, he doesn't feel like returning the favor and tipping favorably.

No. 9 - Tiger Woods

Woods made the list due to a report from the Miami New Times, that while in Vegas, Woods allegedly tipped a cocktail waitress $5 while serving him drinks at the Blackjack table, however, pulled the $5 back when he realized that he had already tipped the waitress earlier in the night. For someone who's net worth is well over $500 million, taking $5 back is quite the bad look.

No. 8 - Kirsten Dunst

According to a Business Insider article, Dunst was dining out at a restaurant in West Hollywood, racked up a $233 bill and left without tipping anything. Were the Spider-Man movies not paying her enough?

No. 7 - Madonna

In another Business Insider article, Madonna left an $18 tip on a $400 tab while eating out in London -- that's a 4.5% tip. According to Forbes, Madonna's net worth is around $520 Million, which makes it hard to believe that leaving a 4.5% or even a 20% would make the slightest dent in her bank account.

No. 6 - Mick Jagger

Recently reported by The Richest, the former lead vocalist of The Rolling Stones has a net worth of $360 Million and according to a story from Zimbio, Jagger ate at Washington DC's pizzeria, Paradiso, and left a $10 tip on a $90 tab, which comes out to be an 11% tip.

No. 5 - Britney Spears

In 2013, the singer signed a deal with Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas to become a permanent resident for her Piece of Me performances -- which has netted her close to $30 million in the last two years. Despite this, she has been known to stiff individuals on tips. According to reports, Spears was once was spotted eating with her entourage in Hollywood and left a $0 tip on a $251 bill. Guess Planet Hollywood isn't paying her enough for her residency in Vegas, right?

No. 4 - Jeremy Piven

Piven, known for his hilarious and business-savvy role as Ari Gold in the former hit HBO Show, Entourage, once showed up to famous restaurant in Aspen, Colorado, Nobu Matsuhisa, where Piven left Season One of Entourage as a tip to the waiter and let the manager know "thanks for nothing," on his way out, according to The Richest. The show is streaming free on HBO GO, and it was unclear whether or not the DVD pack was signed or not.

No. 3 - Rachael Ray

Ray, who is well known for her presence on the Food Network, runs a show call $40 a Day, where she explains to viewers where they can eat fantastic meals in New York City for around $40. According to a Business Insider report, Ray seems to practice what she preaches, and saves money by notoriously tipping only 10% on meals wherever she goes. Although not the lowest percentage on the list, Ray should know better than anyone how hard folks in the food industry work, which surely warrants more than a 10% tip.

No. 2 - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Reported by Zimbio, Johnson once asked for a popular steak house to open its doors early, so that he could eat before people arrived at the restaurant, where his fans would begin to bother him. The restaurant obliged, however, upon leaving, The Rock only left a $7 tip to his waiter. In regards to the nominal tip, the waiter was quoted saying, "This guy is not a 'Rock' to me, just a cheap pebble." Ouch.

No.1 - Usher

Usher comes in at No. 1 on the "Celebrity Bad Tippers List" because it's been reported that Usher doesn't tip at all. As noted by Business Insider, Usher has been known to make other people pay for meals and rather than leave a tip in the form of monetary means, Usher leaves his autograph as a tip. According to Forbes, Usher has a net worth of close to $180 million, so unless his autograph is worth that much too, he takes home the prize as the worst celebrity tipper.

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