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Mick Jagger Savagely Responds To Paul McCartney After Shading 'The Rolling Stones' [UPDATE]

Buzz 21:46PM EDT

Mick Jagger hits back at Paul McCartney's comments about 'The Rolling Stones' saying they're just a 'blues cover band.'READ MORE

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Shades 'The Rolling Stones' For Their Music Style Yet Again

Buzz 22:14PM EDT

Paul McCartney recently took a dig at 'The Rolling Stones' saying they are just a 'blues cover band.'READ MORE

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger Fears For His Life Following Charlie Watts Death Amid Alarming Health Condition? [REPORT]

Buzz 20:24PM EDT

Ever since Charlie Watts died last month, it was reported that Mick Jagger fears that he's next because his health is also failing following a heart surgery years back; how true is this?READ MORE

Ray Charles

4 Famous Musicians Who Fathered [Extremely] Many Children

Exclusives 04:56AM EDT

Like with awards and recognitions, it seems the adage "the more, the merrier" applies to having kids. Here are some iconic musicians who fathered many children:READ MORE

Jack and Meg of The White Stripes

6 Pre-Fame Jobs of Your Favorite Music Icons

Exclusives 07:55AM EDT

Perhaps rock stars are actually made, not born. Even as they have realized that music is the path they will take, the world doesn't immediately grant them hit songs and best-selling albums. Before their music showered them with lots of greens, here are some of the musicians who worked day jobs while waiting for the right opportunity.READ MORE

How To Quarantine

Mick Jagger Teaches Everyone "How To Quarantine" With Household Chores

Buzz 09:54AM EDT

Music legend Mick Jagger did his household chores in his funny public service ad "How To Quarantine," which aired in Fallon's "The Tonight Show," May 4.READ MORE

The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones Kicked Off Weekly "Extra Licks" Series

Buzz 02:14AM EDT

The Rolling Stones dropped the initial concert film “Olé Olé Olé! (A Trip Across Latin America)” with bonus footages on YouTube’s #StayHome campaign.READ MORE


Blur Bassist Alex James Says Band Reunions Are ‘Grotesque’

Buzz 07:38AM EDT

Alex James recently threw shade at Led Zeppelin and Mick Jagger. He slammed the artists for their age and called the latter grotesque during an interview.READ MORE

Rolling Stones

Keith Richards Jokes Mick Jagger Should Get A Vasectomy

Buzz 07:09AM EDT

Keith Richards made a comment about Rolling Stones singer-songwriter Mick Jagger, who welcomed his eighth child last year. The legendary guitarist immediately regretted his comment and apologized to his bandmate.READ MORE

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones Extends No Filter Tour, Announces First London Concerts In 5 Years

Buzz 07:53AM EDT

The Rolling Stones confirmed to perform in London starting this May. The group members also announced the extension of their No Filter tour.READ MORE

Prince performs at the 10th Anniversary Essence Music Festival at the Superdome

Prince Documentary is Underway, Will Feature Bono, Billy Idol and Mick Jagger

Buzz 17:20PM EDT

A Prince documentary underway, and will feature the likes of Bono, Billy Idol and Mick Jagger. The documentary is being released by German film distribution company Ascot Elite Entertainment Group and is reportedly due out next year in Europe.READ MORE

The Rolling Stones Perform Live In Auckland

Mick Jagger and Ballerina GF Melanie Hamrick Expecting First Baby

Buzz 15:23PM EDT

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones is about to become a father again after it was confirmed that his girlfriend ballerina Melanie Hamrick is pregnant with their first baby. This means that the 72-year-old rocker is about to have his 8th child.READ MORE

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger Reflects on Music World in '70s NYC with HBO's 'VINYL' [WATCH VIDEO]

Buzz 16:13PM EDT

On Feb. 14, 2016, the 10-episode first season of HBO's VINYL premieres, bringing all of the sex, drugs and rock n' roll of 1970s New York City to premium cable. Filmmaker Martin Scorsese, writer Terence Winter, and legendary music icon Mick Jagger serve as producers of this highly anticipated new show, with firsthand experiences coming straight for the Rolling Stones frontman's past. A new interview with the "Satisfaction" singer ahead of the premiere episode reveals some of these details. You can watch this special promotional interview clip below.READ MORE

David Bowie and Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger, Trent Reznor and Metallica's Kirk Hammett Remember David Bowie

Buzz 23:17PM EDT

Mick Jagger, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, Metalica's Kirk Hammett and Bowie's bassist Gail Ann Dorsey remember David Bowie from their experiences over the years.READ MORE

Church And State Separation Examined

Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously "Bad Tippers" (Like Tiger Woods)

Exclusives 21:35PM EDT

When it comes to partying, dining out, paying the bill and tipping, there are a select few celebritites who are notorious for spending a lot, while conversely, tipping very little -- thus, we have our Top 10 Celebrity List of "Bad Tippers."READ MORE

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