March 21, 2019 / 4:54 PM

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Another One: New DJ Khaled Flappy Bird Game Is A Major Key To Success



Where to begin with the iconic DJ Khaled. All he does is win, win, win no matter what. Whether it is crafting some of the biggest hits of the past decade or becoming one of the world's best motivational speakers in 10-second clips, Khaled's impact on society cannot be understated. Now he is being immortalized in a brand new flappy bird-style game where the user is riding on a Jet Ski, because they don't want you to ride on that Jet Ski and get past the various road blocks in the form of large green pipes.

The new game is crudely equipped with some lo-def graphics, but that is not what you are there to waste spend all of your time doing. Across the bottom, the new Khaled catchphrase "Don't ever play yourself," which is also on a shirt, scrolls the screen. When you hit one of the pipes, Khaled says, "You played yourself." However when you pass one of the roadblocks, it's "another one."

Ever since Khaled got onto Snapchat, the frenzy of love for the hit-making DJ and A&R has reached an all-time high. He seems to coin new catch phrases every week, hitting his followers with new inspirational quotes. "Life is like the sky. Some days there's going to be lots of clouds and turbulence and some days it's going to be clear skies." The remarkably shrewd businessman that he is has found a way to monetize these various phrases like "bless up" and "cloth talk" in the form of t-shirts and sandals that are selling out online. Your author will happily admit to purchasing one of the "Another One" t-shirts.

Don't play yourself and play the game at the link here. Remember if you get frustrated, patience is key if you want to follow Khaled on the pathway to more success.

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