'Tis the season to give thanks and the season to give to others. DJ Snake got the memo and has unleashes a brand new track "Propaganda" as a limited free download on his SoundCloud page. The new song comes as the "Middle" producer gears up to release his debut album sometime next year.

The new single is one of the more aggressive pieces of music we have heard from DJ Snake in quite some time. It slowly builds with an ominous synth lead that gives way to a shout of "pro-a-gan-da" as the drop comes barreling through your speakers.

The first drop does just that with jarring, robotic noises and fast-paced metallic sounds as if they are being shot out of a machine gun. It then transitions to the foreboding synths found in the opening build, much like a movie scene with powerful and menacing government figures looking to spread their influence through propaganda.

The second drop thankfully switches things up as too many songs copy and paste drop one into drop 2. He flips the bass line into a jersey club beat while continuing the onslaught of machine gun fired metallic noise and grating robotic noises as the tempos change every 15 seconds.

"Propaganda" is the latest tune from DJ Snake in what has been another big year for the DJ. He was on another massive record in "Lean On" alongside Major Lazer and  and started to gear up for the release of his debut album early next year with the "Middle" alongside Bipolar Sunshine.

It is unclear whether or not "Propaganda" will be on the album, but either way, enjoy the free download while it lasts.

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