June 19, 2018 / 11:37 PM

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Classicalite Q&A with Trombone Virtuoso Kenneth Carr



In one word, it's authenticity that pours forth from Kenneth Carr's recordings, marking him as a player worth your attention in the mixed up, muddled up world of modern jazz.

His latest release, Amazing Love, crosses over several sonic boundaries, funneling jazz tropes into a mixture of hip-hop, shout and even Latin and salsa. It is to his credit, though, that Carr's catholic tastes never sound forced or insincere.

Again, no matter the style, the horn of Kenny Carr always sounds true. Classicalite recently caught up with the budding heavyweight trombonist for an exclusive Q&A session.

Classicalite: You've been described as "rewriting the rules" of jazz. And you've played with such heavyweights as Ray Charles, Jon Butler and Sheryl Crow. What are you trying to accomplish with your take on jazz, and where do you see it fitting in with regards to the idiom today?

Kenneth Carr: I feel, as an artist, it's vitally important to merge the old with the new while maintaining the true authenticity and the integrity of the music without compromising your sound. I like to think that I have a good grasp on mixing the two. It's important to evolve your music as an artist, but to always keep your authenticity true to who you are.


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