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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 3 Recap: Pregnancy Regrets, Girl Fights & Messy Management



On Monday (Dec. 28), VH1 gave viewers a double dose of drama when they aired season six, episode three of Love & Hip Hop: New York. This recap of the newest episode, titled "What's Poppin," is filled with pregnancy regrets, girl fights, messy management allegations, and so much more.

Episode three kicked off right where the second one left off: right in the middle of a heated argument between Tara Wallace, Amina Buddafly, and Peter Gunz. Amina delivered a slap heard around the world to Peter, threw a phone at him, and then dramatically left Tara's apartment while announcing she's pregnant with his child again. Tara accused Amina of using her pregnancy to trap Peter in a relationship he doesn't want to be in. This allegation ignited a shouting match between the ladies, where they argued about which woman was his side chick and which was his main chick.

On a lighter note, the next scene focuses on DJ Self and his girlfriend of almost a year, Yorma, gathering for a romantic dinner. Yorma explained just how fed up she was with Self and his secretive ways. She's been yearning for them to go public with their relationship, so Self decides to grant her wish in order to ensure she doesn't leave him. Self promised to introduce her as his girlfriend at a public event.

Since the blowout between Miss Moe Money and Rah Ali failed to resolve itself on its own, Moe decided to take matters into her own hands by meeting with a new potential manager. So who did she meet with behind Rah and Sexxy Lexxy's back? None other than Yandy Smith. The two discuss the altercation that took place at Gwinin Fest between Moe and Bianca Bonnie. Yandy informs her the incident was extremely unprofessional, explaining there's a time and a place for everything. Yandy also put in her two cents on Rah's managing skills or lack there of. Yandy believes Rah doesn't have enough experience in the business to take on up-and-coming musical talent like BBOD, and Moe couldn't agree more.

Fans are then taken back into the studio with Self and MariahLynn. Self is the bearer of bad news, revealing he wasn't impressed by her performance at Gwinin Fest. MariahLynn takes his criticism as a wake up call and promises to deliver a more memorable show during his next event. She quickly brings attention to her upcoming birthday party hosted by Rich Dollaz and Self thinks that would be the perfect event to debut Yorma to the world as his girlfriend. She then drops hints about a romantic past with the infamous playboy himself.

Cardi B enters the studio, ready to lay down a few tracks with Self. Cardi B's gets introduced to MariahLynn, who later questions why she wasn't at Gwinin Fest if she's serious about starting a hip hop career. Cardi B felt a little disrespected by Self for not telling her about the show, believing he doesn't truly support her dreams of becoming an artist. In order to kill the tension, MariahLynn invites Cardi B to her birthday party. MariahLynn exits the studio which gives Cardi B the perfect time to talk about his involvement in launching her career. She then questions whether she should continue mixing business with pleasure.

With a jail sentence lingering over Mendeecees, Yandy believes it would be a great idea to link with Remy Ma and Papoose to gain insight on what life for his family will be like while he's in prison. The couples shared stories of life behind bars, missing out on their children growing up, and why their significant others don't quite understand the pressure they're under.

Back in the world of BBOD, Moe informs Lexxy she met with Yandy behind her back. The news doesn't go over well with Lexxy. Lexxy still believes Rah is the right choice of management for them, insisting Moe to give her another chance. Moe isn't trying to hear it. Despite feeling like Rah doesn't have the right credentials to manage them, Moe agrees to sit down with Rah and Lexxy in an attempt to squash the beef.

Hoping to project positivity by using his troubled life as an example, Mendeecees spoke with young adults and children in his neighborhood about staying away from negativity. The talk then transitioned into a heart-to-heart with his son. He explained how his bad decision will ultimately cause him to be away from his family for a certain period of time. Mendeecees also advised him to act as a role model for his younger siblings while he's away.

Amina is still heartbroken that Peter referred to her as a "mistake," so she seeks some much needed advice and comfort from her twin sister Jazz. Amina broke down in tears reflecting on the explosive argument she had with Peter and Tara. She then admits she doesn't want to be pregnant by a man who doesn't want to be with her. Amina contemplates keeping the baby or having an abortion.

It's finally time for BBOD to meet with their estranged manager Rah and the room is filled with nothing but tension. After rehearsing a song about thots, the two sat down with Rah to discuss the elephant in the room. Moe revealed she had a secret meeting with Yandy and things go from zero to 100 real quick. Rah feels betrayed by Moe, believing she's lacking in the loyalty department. Rah ultimately decides to cut all ties with BBOD and end her title as their manager.

MariahLynn is ready to turn up for her birthday. Self is excited to introduce his girlfriend to people, while at the same time, relieved Cardi B won't be attending the event due to prior engagements. Self introduces Yorma to MariahLynn and Rich. To Self's surprise, in walks Cardi B. When Self introduces Yorma as his main chick to Cardi B, all hell breaks loose.

Cardi B confronts Self and lets Yorma know just how much history she shares with him. Cardi B tells Yorma she used to hook up with him in the past and she's still doing so in the present. It doesn't take long for the situation to escalate. Yorma is shocked Self performed oral sex on Cardi B, while Cardi B's anger continues to boil over the entire situation. The yelling match soon turned physical, with Cardi B throwing the first punch.

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Tune in next week for another recap of the show and to see how the fight between Cardi B and Yorma ended.

Check out the full episode below:

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