June 19, 2018 / 8:07 PM

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Peyton Manning Gave Demaryius Thomas' Mom Broncos-Steelers Game Ball [VIDEO]



This weekend's divisional round game of the 2016 NFL playoffs between the Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers was arguably the biggest game of wide receiver Demaryius Thomas' career. Yes, the Broncos beat the Steelers, but it was also the first game that Thomas' mother, Katrina Smith, saw him play due to her 15-year incarceration for drug trafficking. That isn't where the good news stopped though. Quarterback Peyton Manning topped off this special day by giving Thomas the game ball for his mother to have and commemorate this special game.

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You can check out a quick video of Manning handing Thomas the game ball, and apparently telling him to give it to his mother (via SB NATION):

"So that is what I'm going to do," Thomas said before having to answer questions from reporters, according to ESPN.com. "It's very special. She came out, got to see us win a game, her first time here, her first time seeing me play. It felt great, a really special feeling. My mom is right outside that door. Y'all are killing me." You can check out Smith posing with her son and the game ball right here:

The happy player added: "Just excited she was here for her first game," Thomas said. "The fact that we came out with a win made it even better."

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