March 18, 2019 / 8:31 PM

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Valentino Khan Unveils Trippy 'Deep Down Low' Music Video



Valentino Khan may have one of the best mustaches in music, but luckily he is able to produce music to back that up. With great mustache comes great reasonability. After putting out what seemed like a remix a week over the course of 2014, he outdid himself with one single "Deep Down Low" that became one of the most played tracks of 2015. Now almost 10 months later, Khan and the label, Skrillex's OWSLA has at last released the music video for the hit single.

Like other OWSLA videos, expect the visuals to be quite weird. This acid trip-like video takes the viewer to the streets of Tokyo and into the twisted mind of one man who can't seem to get a good meal. He heads into a restaurant and things get really weird very quickly.

The faces of various people sitting around him start to change in twisted ways. Their eyes start to get big, move around and reflect kaleidoscope patterns. As the song tells the listener to go "deep down low," the individuals in the restaurant also tell the guy tripping to do the same. Then he is approached by a server who has tentacles come out of her eyes. Just when things couldn't get worse, everyone loses their eyes and mouths, but a dance-party ensues.

Eventually he gets infected with "Deep Down Low" and his eyes start to big out, grows a third one in his forehead and has to run out of the restaurant, only to realize he also lost his eyes and mouth.

Just another day in the life when you have an OWSLA video.

Watch the Ian Pons Jewell-directed video below.

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