May 22, 2018 / 1:14 PM

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St. Vincent's Annie Clark Talks New Signature Ernie Ball Guitar [VIDEO]



Listening to Annie Clark talk about guitars and the importance the instrument has in her life is like listening to Vincent Van Gogh talk about paint. Though she's now in the spotlight for dating actress and model Cara Delevingne, as St. Vincent, Clark has amassed a following of fans ranging from avid music listeners and innovators that include the likes of David Byrne. Recently, she teamed with Ernie Ball Music Man to create her own signature guitar model. In a new promotional video, Clark talks about this new guitar, which goes on sale soon, and also details how important guitars have been in her life.

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This collaboration between the guitar company and the artist was officially announced last summer. You can check out our previous coverage on this right here!

St. Vincent's albums show the progression and innovation of her guitar work, culminating with her latest, self-titled release in 2014. We know that she isn't slowing down, but we also know that it was only a matter of time before a signature guitar would be made by Clark.

"A guitar can be so many things," the musician says to open this new short film produced by Ernie Ball and shared across the Internet, namely on Pitchfork. "For me, in my life, it's been a shield; it's been a weapon, and the vehicle by which I've gotten to have an incredible artistic and emotional life."

If you're a fan of St. Vincent, you need to watch this video. It gives you a great, short history of Clark's musical life, from growing up and crafting her own guitars out of cardboard to manufacturing her own signature model with Ernie Ball.

Clark's signature guitar model goes on sale March 1, at $1,899.99, so save up!

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