March 18, 2019 / 8:35 PM

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Flo Rida Loses Rap Battle with Wrestler Bo Dallas on WWE Raw [WATCH VIDEO]



Flo Rida is a professional rapper. WWE wrestler Bo Dallas is not. He is an athlete. On this week's Monday Night Raw professional wrestling event, everything we knew about both of these men changed forever when they took part in a rap battle in the middle of the ring. Rida was in attendance in Miami as it was announced that his song, "My House," was named the official song for WrestleMania. The wrestling group known as the Social Outcasts, which includes Dallas, then called Rida into the ring to challenge him at his own game. Flo Rida lost, you guys! Watch video of this sad moment below.

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Aside from Bo Dallas, the Social Outcasts are composed of the wrestlers Curtis Axel, Adam Rose, and Heath Slater. WWE fans know that Flo Rida is no stranger to the organization and is even part of a storyline feud with Slater (via With Spandex). So when the group of wrestlers saw Rida in the front row of the Miami event, they called him into the ring for a rap battle. The rest is history.

While fans were most likely expecting the rapper to come out on top in this confrontation, it seems like the rap battle caught him off guard. As we can see in the footage below, Flo didn't perform well on the USA network show. Perhaps more surprising is that Bo Dallas out-performed the professional rapper (via UPROXX).

Was anyone expecting Dallas to be good at rapping? Was anyone expecting Flo Rida to fail so hard? There are some of you out there probably saying that Flo Rida isn't known for his prowess in the game, but just from his hit songs, so maybe you did see it coming. Either way, you can't unsee this:

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