June 21, 2018 / 4:44 AM

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Study Shows Which Artists Are Tweeted About The Most, Positive Fans



Twitter is a double-edged sword for artists. It has become an invaluable tool for promoting new music, shows and other items on the agenda, while also providing your fans unprecedented access to you. On the flip side, that lack of a filter can be overwhelming and can open up artists to a remarkable amount of hateful and downright evil comments. A recent study was done looking at hundreds of thousands tagging top artists to Tweets to see where they are coming from and their levels of positivity.

Put together by Vivid Seats, the study puts to rest who has the most rapid US fan bases on Twitter. One Direction comprised a whopping 30 percent of the nearly 225,000 tweets, followed by Taylor Swift with 15.36 percent and Drake just a hair behind her with 14.96 percent. The Directioners easily beat out the Beliebers for Justin Bieber who only took in 5.32 percent of the tweets and landed in seventh behind Pitbull, Luke Bryan and Nick Minaj.

Next they looked at where the tweets came from using the geotagging that individuals put on their tweets and there are a few noticeable trends. Top DJs all trend well in Nevada, presumably because of the amount of clubs in Las Vegas. Pop and hip-hop artists trend in states with major cities like New York, California, Florida and Illinois.

Country acts do predictably well in more rural states.

Grimes is mentioned a lot in Iowa, but it could because of the city by the same name.

However, just because you have the most Tweets, that doesn't mean they are all positive. Just going on Twitter for one day will give you an insight into the darkness of humanity and how it shares the prejudice and hatred online.

The most positive fan base is Taylor Swift's, followed by Muse, Pitbull and One Direction coming in fourth.

See the full study here.

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