March 18, 2019 / 12:56 PM

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Steve Angello "Tiger" Music Video Shared From 'Wild Youth'



Steve Angello has unveiled the latest video from his new album Wild Youth. Dramatic and gripping, the video for the third track on the album "Tiger" is another powerful piece of powerful visuals from the Swedish DJ.

The video for "Tiger" takes place somewhere in the Swedish forest, much like his "Remember" video. It starts out ominously with a group of individuals all wrapped in white, lying on marble slabs, seemingly waking from some sort of deep sleep.

Things go from bad to worse as soon as they wake up, as a group of individuals in all black robes, agents of death, start to chase after them with explosions erupting in the forest all around them. A black man is hit and wounded mortally in his stomach and needs to be helped. The video dramatically pans to one man being beaten to death, much like the fight scene in "The Ocean."

They wait out the night in the woods, shivering in their thin robes, but get run down after the sun comes up.

It ends in a club where we go back in time with the woman on the stone beach before her final demise handing over a passport to some man in a suit. In a somewhat tense moment, he hands her back a piece of paper with some writing on it and as she receives the information, the camera pans over to the black man, who was killed earlier on, holding a match that seems to burn eternally.

Watch the video for "Tiger" below and if you are in New York, head to his Wild Youth NYFW gallery this weekend.

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