In a move that should be surprising to absolutely no one, Bernie Sanders has come out as a Phishhead. At a rally in Portland, Maine, on Wednesday (March 2), the democratic presidential hopeful thank Phish for its support after the band's drummer John Fishman endorsed him.

As Stereogum reports, Fishman was one of several people Sanders thanked at the top of his stump speech in Portland. Earlier in the rally, the drummer had played with the Kenya Hall Band and gave a speech in support of Sanders, and it's something that the Vermont senator paid back in kind. He called Phish "one of the great bands in this country."

"Let me thank one of Vermont's heroes, who has now transplanted... John Fishman," Sanders said. "John and Phish have made New England proud. They are one of the great bands, have been one of the great bands in this country."

Fishman has apparently been a big supporter of Sanders since his first Senate run in 2006. And, he is not the first member of Phish to endorse Sanders for office. The legendary jam band's bassist Mike Gordon has also come out in support of Sanders' presidential bid.

The Phish members are not the first musicians to support Sanders. His other musical endorsers include composer Hans Zimmer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bonnie Raitt, Thurston Moore, David Crosby, Jackson Browne, Belinda Carlisle and more.

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