One of the most requested IDs from Axwell /\ Ingrosso has finally been released almost one year after it was first played live. "Barricade" now just from Axwell without Ingrosso was given its official unveiling at Ultra Music Festival in 2015 and has since been a staple of their sets ever since. It is as powerful a track as Axwell has ever released, even during his Swedish House Mafia days and with running mate Sebastian Ingrosso.

"Barricade" is built like a pyramid. It starts out with some hallow snares with yet another inspiring vocal "We are the future live today, get up erase the barricade," said in a robotic tone.

Then a second minute of the build with more elements being introduced. Ax adds some short, pitched piano shots and grinding bass underneath with still clean and powerful kick underneath.

Then things start to get going with a robotic guitar sound coming in to join these other elements for a short, while before the track completely switches styles and tempos into a trap interlude. Like their previous tracks with Pusha T like "This Time," the trap interlude helps to break up the track and is faded out as the bass rolls into its steady 128 bpms.

Things only get bigger and bolder in the second drop before giving way to a heaving outro.

The final point on this one is the professor level mixdown from Ax. Scrolling through a DJ-infested Twitter timeline, you will find other producers verbally scratching their head at how clean and precise this mixdown is.

Though Axwell has released plenty of music over the past year and a half (by his standards) under the Axwell /\ Ingrosso moniker, he has not released much music on his own over the past five years. He included a solo song "Waiting for so Long (Gloria)" that was an ode to his wife in the Axtone 10 compilation, but before that his last solo effort was "Center Of The Universe" in 2013.

It is good to see Axwell back and in form with this "Barricade."

Pick up a copy of the song here and stream it below.

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