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'Power' Season 3 Cast Talks Ghost & Tommy's Damaged Friendship



Fans and followers of the STARZ hit series Power are anxiously awaiting the return of the show with season 3 episodes this year, and to finally find out what will come of the damaged friendship betweeen Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and Tommy (Joseph Sikora.) The two cast members provided some answers and an inside look into the new season's plot and direction.

Since the show's season 2 finale, which aired in August 2015, fans can't help but wonder what's next for the cast. ABC provided a recap of all of the drama that unfolded between the major characters of the show like James St. Patrick, who goes by the alias "Ghost;" his wife Tasha (Naturi Haughton), former mentor turned enemy Kanan (50 Cent) and his best friend Tommy.

(Season 2 Spoiler Alert)

Tommy and Ghost find themselves in the middle of a growing feud and are facing unfamiliar territory in their friendship. The two find themselves having to deal with distrust and disloyalty issues after Tommy discovers it was Ghost who paid his girlfriend Holly (Lucy Walters) to disappear. The finale also featured the physical altercation between Ghost and Kanan, after it was revealed that Kanan played a huge role in the demise of Ghost's drug operation.

So what happens now? Hardwick and Sikora sat down with ABC to provide some insight to that question.

"You won't see the conclusion of their fallout but you'll definitely see the process of that being worked out...or not work that out," explained Hardwick of his character's troubled friendship.

Sikora chimed in to provide the history of how the two characters became so close and why this fallout is so heartbreaking and could potentially tarnish the continuation of their bond.

"The relationship between Tommy and Ghost is a brother relationship really and truly because they were raised together," Sikora explained. "Ghost was raised by Tommy's mother, after his father passed away, so they really have a familiar relationship."

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Courtney A. Kemp series followed Hardwick's character as he struggled to balance the life of three vastly different personas that he projected to the world, based on whomever he interacted with. Ghost portrays a big time successful drug dealer who runs the drug cartel in his area. Though Ghost is successful in the streets, there's another side to him who wants to break free from that life and live of life that's not only lucrative but, legal, and he finds that from being the businessman, James St. Patrick.

There's also the man Ghost becomes while around his mistress Angela Valdez (Lela Loren) - Jaime- that's different from the business man and the drug dealer; and who Sikora describes as the most selfish of them all.

"There's a part of him that truly loves this woman and has a truly selfish quest for her in ways that I don't even find Ghost to be as selfish," explained Sikora of his best friend. "I find Jamie to be more selfish because he knows it's about the quest and it's not necessarily about the heart. He just wants to dominate."

Though Sikora and Hardwick didn't reveal too many spoilers for season 3, their costar and producer tweeted on just how intense the return will be.

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