July 18, 2018 / 2:38 AM

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Don Cheadle Details Miles Davis Biopic Movie Troubles: Casting White Costar Saved Film



Writer, director and star of the upcoming biopic movie, Miles Ahead, based on legendary musician Miles Davis, Don Cheadle has revealed a number of details about his passion project. First off, it was very hard to make, but it almost didn't get any attention from studios because of one strange, prejudicial fact: there were no white male leads in the film. Enter Ewan McGregor's journalist character to save the day, but really, perpetuate this issue further (nothing against the Star Wars actor of course - mainly just Hollywood).

Speaking with Rolling Stone about this bold project, Cheadle explained that race was a big issue in selling the idea of this movie to producers.

"To get this film financed, we needed a white costar," the House of Lies actor told the magazine, according to UPROXX. "These are issues that come into play. And until Ewan came on, until we had cast the proper white costar, there was no Miles Davis movie. There was no Miles Ahead. The family had been trying to make this movie for years, and we straight-up told them, 'We need a white costar. We need to tell this story, in order to get this money, with a white male lead.'"

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Aside from this (sadly commonplace) racial issue with the film, Cheadle had many other obstacles to hurdle since he took on so many roles in the production. In fact, the actor admits to wanting to get rid of the script and hand the movie off to someone else to make. Luckily for us, Cheadle was so involved in creating this movie, Davis became a voice in the actor's head that coerced him into powering through the difficulties.

Watch a trailer for Miles Ahead right here:

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