June 24, 2018 / 5:05 AM

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Leaked 'Walking Dead' Season 6 Finale Song Means Negan SPOILERS? [LISTEN]



According to numerous sources, the song "This Ain't the End" by Maya Lavelle will play a big part in the season six finale episode of AMC's The Walking Dead. As with all leaked information, this news has resulted in a number of theories about which character or characters could die with the debut of the villainous character, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Obviously, there are plenty of potential spoilers in this article, so proceed at your own risk. (SPOILERS TO FOLLOW)

The arrival of Negan has a number of fans worried about a few regular characters and stars possibly exiting the series in a brutal way. If you're up on the comic book series by creator Robert Kirkman, you've been worried about Glenn (Steven Yeun) for a while. But, according to showrunner Scott Gimple, the TV show will take a different approach than the comics, so Glenn might be safe.

We say "might" because we clearly have no idea who is safe. Basically, nobody is safe, not even Daryl (Norman Reedus).

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With the leaked information about the season finale song, some theories have popped up. "This Ain't the End" is clearly a telling title, which will most like serve as a lead-in to season seven. But, according to a tip sent to UPROXX by reader Samuel Quentin, the lyrics are seemingly relatable to a few of the threatened characters.

"The 'Daryl will die' Camp believe that Emily Kinney will make a reappearance and possibly do a cover of this song, appearing as a vision to Daryl and welcoming him to join her. Lyrics like 'I'm in the garden, drinking bourbon' suggest this and the fact that Emily was spotted on set," Quentin explained in his tip. "The 'Glenn will die' Camp believe that these are the words of Maggie (Lauren Cohan), 'We are family' and 'Our legacy will never die' - referring to the baby. A lot of times the theme of 'Children are our future' are touched upon especially during the last episode."

What do you think of these theories? Listen to the song right here:

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