March 19, 2019 / 7:06 AM

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Is Ted Cruz the Lead Singer of Christian Metal Band Stryper or Zodiac Killer?



The excitement around the 2016 presidential primaries race has the Internet asking one huge question: Is evangelistic, Tea Party Republican nominee hopeful Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer? Over the course of Cruz's campaign, this random and hilarious question popped up, quickly becoming a viral sensation and a meme of sorts. We may never get an answer, but this week the music community had a question about Cruz: Is he the lead singer of Christian metal band Stryper?

As you can probably surmise from everything you know about the candidate, and the photo at the top of this page, there is nothing metal about Ted Cruz. Yes, he is a devout Christian, but we know that he's a fan of show tunes rather than anything louder than The Sound of Music soundtrack. By the way, Ted Cruz portrayed a young Nazi in his high school production of this musical (via The Washington Post / The Daily Dot).

Anyway, one Twitter genius saw the unmistakable resemblance between Cruz and Stryper lead singer Michael Sweet and shared it with the world. Though the official fan page of Stryper stated that this comparison is "making fun of the band," though the post has since been deleted, Sweet has responded to The Daily Dot's report on this new viral news with a great sense of humor:

"It always amazes me how often posts that really matter never see the light of day, yet some wannabe comes along and posts something that is so ridiculous yet it goes viral? Twisted, yet the way it is. If I'm the real Ted Cruz, then maybe Robert is Donald Trump, Tim is Hillary Clinton and Oz is Marco Rubio? Wow! Is it true??? Hmm......"

The jury is still out on the Zodiac Killer question, though!

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