June 19, 2018 / 1:05 AM

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Reba McEntire Update: Music, Acting, and Life, Where is Reba Heading Next?



Reba McEntire is one of those people in country music where most people can identify her about a hundred yards away just by her voice. She has one of the most distinct voices in country music, and there is no doubt that she will remain on the scene until she gets tuckered out. That might take a while seeing as the woman has been writing songs, recording songs, playing concerts, and acting in her sitcom for so long.

Reba started her career off as a southern woman singer with a drawl that would out do almost anyone else. There is no doubt where this woman is from based upon her accent. Even people who are not even all that familiar with accents from those from the United States can detect hers as different.

Reba has a song out in the ether that is perhaps her most famous. It came out in 1990 and that song is called "Fancy." The song is about a woman who has a daughter. The woman wants nothing more than to get her daughter out into the world and married off to some guy that will take her out of the boonies where she is growing up. She wants this so much that she has spent almost every last dollar that she had making her daughter look beautiful with a new dress and makeover. The daughters name is fancy here in this song, which is one of the parts that makes it so interesting.

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