Each and every week we put together our favorite tracks that had premiered a few days prior into one magnificent mixtape to share with you and your friends. This time around we've decided to share new songs from Castanets, Blonde Redhead, Alvvays and more right here!

We're so excited about the recent announcement of Blonde Redhead's ninth studio album, Barragán, and the first track, "No More Honey," is exactly what we needed as a perfect teaser for the new record. It has been four years since we heard from the Kazu Makino-led band, so how does it make a triumphant return? - with a subdued, aching tune highlighting the dissonance that only Blonde Redhead can produce.

RIYL: St. Vincent, Warpaint

Listen to "No More Honey" HERE!

"Out For The West" by Castanets, A.K.A. Portland-based singer-songwriter Raymond Raposa, could become a huge breakout hit of the summer. Simple compositions and an eccentric use of synthesizers makes this track one of our favorites of the year.

RIYL: The Magnetic Fields, Lambchop

Moving into the hip-hop world for a moment, Ab-Soul's latest, entitled "These Days," has us bobbing our heads in such a refreshing way. Rap is definitely making a comeback and Ab-Soul is a huge reason why. Short and sweet, we need more hip-hop tunes like this this summer.

RIYL: Kendrick Lamar, Bon Iver's rap collaborations

Blending an upbeat, soul vocal approach with a pumping punk-rock composition, The Due Diligence knocks it out the park with the new single "cool." Honestly, if you aren't dancing around to this tune by the end of the day there might be something wrong with you!

RILY: The Strokes, Iggy Pop, LCD Soundsystem

Last week we shared a new live tune from Spoon, so this week we want to share a studio version of the group's newest song "Rent I Pay." Also, we have a great new remix of Chad VanGaalen's "Where Are You?" from Hooray for Earth, James Blake covering Bill Withers' "Hope She'll Be Happier," and a demo version of Tame Impala's "Backwards."

Alvvays is the type of band we just can't get enough of. "Next of Kin" gushes ennui from vocalist Molly Rankin, turning into a classy, retro pop tune as the song swells towards the end.

RIYL: Saturday Looks Good To Me, Camera Obscura, The Dum Dum Girls

Listen to "Next of Kin" HERE!

I'm An Island's newest song, "Passion Phruit," is simple, beautiful and altogether impressive. Simple in lyrics, beautiful in melody and composition, and impressive in that singer-songwriter J. Gardner is sure to pick up a number of fans with this track.

RIYL: Telekinesis, Grizzly Bear, Pomegranates

It's hot out, so chill out with this week's mix! That's all!