July 18, 2018 / 2:39 AM

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Composer Marty O’Donnell Details Scrapped 'Destiny' Score with Paul McCartney



Bungie's video game Destiny was arguably the biggest of the year back in 2014, but it could've been even bigger with the involvement of Beatles bassist and singer Paul McCartney. Marty O'Donnell was let go by the studio as a composer before the game's release, but some of his score is still featured on the soundtrack. Unfortunately, his meetings and songwriting with McCartney are not part of the score. In a new interview with IGN, O'Donnell shared details on working with the Wings founder.

In this new interview with IGN, O'Donnell told the anecdote about how McCartney left him a message at his studio and how it turned into a collaborative process that would eventually be scrapped.

"We sat down, we talked, he had his bagel and tea, and I started showing him like, 'Here's how music in games works, here's some stuff,'" the composer explained. "And then, he started asking me questions, and we talked about music, and we started talking about kids and grandchildren, and two hours went by. And...sure enough, yeah, he almost immediately wanted to start working on music, and we started trading music back and forth."

O'Donnell goes on to say that working together on a score with a music legend made him nervous, but it eventually all came together. Unfortunately, nothing would really come from it since he departed the project.

McCartney did however release a song for the video game a few years back. You can listen to the song, "Hope for the Future," right here (via YouTube):

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