The new EP from rising LA-based lyricist Dak is titled 2 Face, and has a release date set for May 8, 2016. Keep reading to here a new track, "Draining Me," and check out our review of the 6-song hip-hop EP.

Dam, whose real name is Kyle Donald, is a student of music and expression. It's probably not fair to assume that hip-hop artists don't have this sort of background, but it's evident in Dak's work.

In only six tracks, Dak shows that the influence of his jazz piano education, his love of spoken word poetry, his tenacity for activism and his passion for R&B all shine through in many different ways. He isn't soft, though. He's bold and brash, but eloquent and compassionate at the same time. It's a marvel of an achievement in music.

The lead single off of the 2 Face EP is "Draining Me," which shows off the flow and lyricism of Dak in a major way. If this is the first time you're hearing the rapper, you're in for a wild ride.

Listen to this single right here (via SoundCloud):

You can compare his voice to Eminem and his lyrics to Kendrick Lamar, so that should be enough to reel you in.

Check out the tracklist for 2 Face EP right here:
1. Distracted
2. Draining Me
3. Save a Life
4. For Myself (feat. Schwa)
5. Pain and the Pleasure
6. The Audition

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