July 19, 2018 / 7:51 AM

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Brandy Files Second Lawsuit to Break Record Deal, Label Says Her Music Is Unsuccessful



Much like the lyrics to her recent single, it seems Brandy is "Beggin & Pleadin" to be released from her recording contract with Chameleon Entertainment, and has filed a second lawsuit to make it happen. Label executives have not complied with her request to be released from the deal, and believer her music has been unsuccessful and hasn't held up to the terms of the contract.

According to a TMZ report, Brandy (Norwood) filed a second lawsuit in New York against her record label, Chameleon Entertainment, in an effort to break all ties with the company and move forward with her career. According to the report Norwood wants out of the contract that she believes is holding her career captive and has failed to produce the production funds initially promised to make her albums.

Her lawyer, un-named in the report, reportedly compared Norwood's record contract under the Chameleon label to that of singer Kesha, who in 2014 sued her producer and his production company.

"Brandy Norwood's story is 'Kesha Redux, but without the sex,'" the "Beggin & Pleadin" singer's lawyer wrote in the legal documents according to TMZ.

Back in March, the singer filed the first lawsuit against the label, citing much of the same claims as the second, and sought "$1 million in compensatory damages," according to Entertainment Weekly.

Brandy signed with the label back in 2011 and released the first album, Two Eleven, the following year. According to EW, subsequent to the album's release many factors came into play that altered Brandy's status with the label. One of those factors allegedly involved RCA, the distribution label partnered with Chameleon to release the first album, having a change of heart and deciding to terminate their contract with the singer's label to distribute any further albums from Norwood.

Though the 37-year-old has reached much success in television and on Broadway, the CEO of Chameleon, Breyon Prescott, claims that hasn't been the case with her music career. In an updated TMZ report, a representative for Prescott claimed the label took a huge risk when signing Brandy in 2011 since she hadn't had a "chart single success since the early 2000s," the rep relayed. The rep also explained how both the singer and her lawyer reviewed all terms of the contract before signing and find their allegations on being held captive to a "slavery contract" to be outlandish.

With both Brandy and the label dissatisfied with one another's failure to properly deliver, a rep from the singer's team poses a good question: why not just "release her from her contract?"

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