OneRepublic has released a brand new single "Kids." The cheery, summery single is the second single to be lifted from their upcoming album.

The song is a triumphant mix pop, electronic influences and indie rock, seeped in nostalgia for when they were kids. As you expect with Ryan Tedder at the helm, the track superb songwriting makes it one of the catchier songs you will hear in a while.

The song starts out with pitched synths and acoustic guitar, which both become a focal point in the track. Tedder leads the track into the catchy chorus, which switches up right in the middle with the addition of deep percussion and the pitched synths.

OneRepublic explained some of the lyrics on Genius and explained the nostalgic chorus as not just an ode to the past, but also the future.

"This song celebrates youth, but also, as an older person who is no longer 19, it's a pledge to not be one of those people who lives in the past," writes the band.

The song ends with the simple line "You and me were kids," something that means something different to various ages.

The band remarks, "I've played 'Kids' for 15-year-olds and they get all emotional about when they were 12. People in their 20s or 30s and think about being 19. Nostalgia strikes at any age."

This is the second single to emerge from OneRepublic's fourth album. It follows up the LP's first single "Wherever I Go." Stream the new hit below and pick up a copy on iTunes.

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