Kaskade and New York City based producer and DJ CID have linked up once again on their new single "Sweet Memories." Sampling Four Tops 1965 Motown track "It's The Same Old Song," CID and Kaskade take that funky old classic and bring 50 years later to the modern club dance floor.

The song starts out with a funky bass line and then the Motown vocal sample usher in the feeling of the track of wanting to "dance all night long." Low distorted bass lines over a steady house four on the floor beat dominate the club-ready and dance-floor driven drop. This is a song that grows onto the listener, especially the combination of the vocal and the distorted bass.

The song has a versatility that makes it useful for both clubs that CID and Kaskade frequent, but also larger venues for the remainder of festival season -- a fact that Kaskade notes in a press release.

"'Sweet Memories' is one of those tunes that works equally well in Redux environments or a Big Room setting," says Kaskade. "With the repetition of 'All night long,' it's as much a code to live by as a song lyric. If this single doesn't resonate with you, it's a good sign that you should get off the dance floor and probably go home."

In addition to the song being released, the song comes with a video featuring three little kids suited up with too much swag dancing in unison down streets and on basketball courts. Some people stop what they are doing to admire these three kids dance moves as they take over their city.

This is the second time CID and Kaskade have linked up. They last collaborated on "Us," which was released as part of Kaskade's 2015 album Automatic.

Watch the video below and pick up the track on iTunes.

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