Thai-born and Los Angeles / Switzerland based, singer Glitter Wasteland, real name Siri Jantey, released her single "Cold War" back in June, but is ready to give it a refresher with a pair of remixes. She has called upon fellow Los Angeles native, Droid Bishop to provide a sugary, synth heavy remix.

The original is a wonderful piece of synth-pop and the remix recognizes that, but then builds on many of those elements. It adds sturdier drums, a wider range of synths and plays around with Jantey's voice as another piece of the melody. It is driving, hypnotic and energetic all at once.

The original is a throwback to the 1980's with a modern twist but this remix would have a hard time losing the neon workout clothes, fingerless gloves, leg warmers and long poufy hair.

The track is about as complex as the actual Cold War was, but less dreary to sit through a lecture on and much less dangerous. As the current obsession with 80's synth music grows more fervent, get your fix of synths and reverberating snares with Droid Bishop's new remix.

"Music was always an important part of my life," Jantey explains. "From the very beginning of my memories, I remember moments of music, always connected to all kind of situations and moods".

Stream the remix exclusively on Music Times below before it is released tomorrow, Sept. 2. Nightcrawler will also have a more subdued remix released as well as part of the package. "Cold War" comes from her EP released in July.