Zedd has teamed up once again with his new producing protégés Grey to release a brand new track "Adrenaline." The past few records they have worked together on have been more pop leaning, but this one is a strong, adrenaline pumping electro house tune.

The song starts with a long intro, molding percussion, horns and foreboding key play into a slow build. Some of Zedd's signature risers come into play right before the drop as the song completely changes. The drop kicks in about 1:45 and gets the blood pumping with shrill synths, fast-paced percussion and a house rhythm that carries the tune to its finish.

The song feels too short. There is only one build and one drop and then it ends. It could be a blessing because it doesn't allow for any cheesy, interesting breakdowns or a copy-paste second drop. But at the same time it feels like they ran out of ideas for a second half of the song.

It is the first song to emerge from the upcoming FIFA '17 Soundtrack, slated for release on Sept. 27. Zedd shares his excitement about being included in the soundtrack and working with Grey again.

"I've been playing 'Adrenaline' out live for quite a while now and it's been a big moment in my sets," says Zedd in a statement. "I'm so happy to finally release this song and share it with the world. It's yet another collaboration with my boys Grey. It being part of the FIFA 2017 soundtrack is super cool because I have always been a big fan of the FIFA games!"

Grey also share their excitement to get this out to the world after hearing it out since Ultra.

"We tried to make the most stupidly energetic track we could and this is what happened," says the duo. "It's been super cool hearing this in everyone's sets since Ultra, and we're stoked to finally get this one out there!"

Pick up the song here.

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